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Bitcoin Investment

We provide a sustainable Bitcoin investment opportunity correctly serving thousands of users across the globe, Avalzing have paid his investors the total of $56 millions it is the point that leads us to the fast growing in financial services, We have been the reliable choice for providing safety bitcoin investment business and the energy to your financial lifestyle, offering standard active support with rapid transaction time to ensure safety before investment. we offers a one super sustainable investment plan, so you will have no trouble in calculating multiple investment plans. The fact we are expertly involve in cloud crypto mining, the one accepted currency is Bitcoin The minimum amount to invest is 100 USD. The main principles are that you will need only the minimum amount of 100 USD to join and you will be able to earn up to 2.5%. daily for 4days. Interest is added to your account balance after every day from the time you made the deposit. Your deposit will provide interest to your account balance as long for as its active.
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Investment Plan

2.5% daily profit for 4 days
Avalzing Bitcoin Investment Management offers only one investment plan, it is easy and simple to follow. Any deposit amount that you invest will bring you 2.5% daily profit for 4days (including weekends and holidays). Taking into account the fact that the company is involved in cloud crypto mining, the main and only currency we operate on in bitcoins investment is in Bitcoin. The minimum amount you need to make a deposit is 100 USD, Maximum is unlimited. Note: your bitcoin investment will count from 1 to 4 days completely before you can make your withdrawal, you can withdraw your investment capital and earnings or reinvest for more profit.

Affliate Program 1

5% standard commission
earn 5% anytime your downline reinvest
We have a structured affiliate program for our bitcoin investors, to provide our investors with an additional option to earn and profit from our bitcoin investment product. In your account referrals section you will be able to find your affiliate link & banners, just share it with others. After other individuals use your affiliate link to register, they automatically becomes your referral. You are not obligated to have an active investment to earn a 5% referral bonus!

Affliate Program 2

10% Representative commission.
Become our Regional Ambassador and earn even more! Ambassador is awarded 10% of the referral’s deposit. If you want to become a representative you have to support and promote our project in your region through any legal way possible.

PensionFund Management

We provide pensions’ administration productsand services through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Avalzing Pension Managers. Avalzing Pension Managers is licensed by the French Pension System (FPS). Our pension services are designed to build lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, safety and excellent service delivery. Our product innovations are facilitated using state-of-the-art Information Technology and superior returns; as well as engaging highly motivated, experienced and professional employees.
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Pension Services

Our Retirement Savings Account (RSA)

A savings account solely set up for savings towards retirement; in compliance with the Pension Reform Act. Opening an RSA account with us gives you an all-encompassing opportunity to benefit from our bespoke services. Click here to fill our Interest Form for further information

Voluntary Contribution

Our voluntary contribution scheme is designed to ensure savings is convenient and easy. Voluntary contributions are flexible as there are no restrictions imposed on the amount and period of contribution.

Existing Schemes

Subject to approval from FPS, we manage existing schemes for employers who prefer to continue with their in-house pension schemes. Our professional and dedicated team are happy to help you achieve your pension scheme’s objectives, within the approved scope of regulations.

Advisory Services

We provide pre-retirement, post-retirement, and investment advice to state governments seeking to convert to contributory pension schemes.

Private Banking

At Private Banking, we recognize that your wealth story is entirely your own—how you obtained it and the personal, family and business complexities that affect its management. When it comes to service, proactivity, insight and innovation these are essential to maximize your opportunities and enable your life. At Private Banking we offer strategic borrowing solutions, transactional banking support and a leading-edge concierge and travel management service. Your dedicated Private Banker and your support team are ready to ensure your needs are considered with care. And, with a customized line of credit in place for when you are ready to act quickly and easily.
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Credits that fits your lifestyle

You may be considering the purchase of a new cottage, sailboat, or family vehicle. You may have discovered an exceptional investment property and time is of the essence. Or perhaps you’re looking to finance major home renovations or your children’s post-secondary education. Whatever goals you have and outlays you need to make, it’s good to know you can make them, unhindered by inopportune timing related to investment maturities or compensation. Private Banking is designed to offer you the credit and liquidity you need, when you need it, to fit your lifestyle.

Service Offerings:

Your own dedicated Private Banker, Associate, support team and their network of trusted contacts

Access to our Total Wealth Credit Solution™
Access to information on our borrowing to invest strategies
Hands-on management of time-sensitive transactions in coordination with your other advisors
Transaction fees waived for up to five accounts
Preferred foreign exchange rates.
Customized Lending

Along with the expertise of an experienced credit strategist, our Total Wealth Credit Solution™ gives you uncomplicated access to credit and the ability to take advantage of investment opportunities in securities, real estate, insurance or other investments. An innovative, flexible and proprietary borrowing platform, it takes all your wealth holdings into consideration.

Concierge at its finest

Experience sophisticated banking today
A dedicated Private Banking team can provide the highest level of personalized, attentive and discreet service – apply.

Trust Services

A trust is an arrangement whereby property (including real and tangible) is managed by one person (or organization) for the benefit of other persons. A trust is created by a Settlor, who entrusts some or all of his properties to a trustee of his/her choice. Although the trustee holds legal title to the trust property, it is obliged to hold the property for the benefit of one or more individuals or organizations (“the Beneficiary”), usually specified by the Settlor, who holds equitable title. The Settlor can also be a beneficiary of the Trust. The trustees owe a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries, who are the “beneficial” owners of the trust property.
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